Microcopy Writing Association President
Eiji Nozu

What is microcopy?

“Microcopy” refers to very detailed copy that has never been discussed in copywriting materials or by experts, such as the short copy around the purchase button and surrounding areas, payment screens, and input forms.

In recent years, it has been used on the websites of highly marketing-sensitive companies in Europe, the U.S., and other countries.

This is because scientific A/B testing of ads has shown that a difference of just a few letters can increase the number of users of a web service or significantly improve sales.

Unlike old-fashioned sales copy, microcopy requires no writing experience or special skills.

Anyone can easily make improvements by simply changing areas directly related to sales, such as buttons, payment screens, and input form areas.

Microcopy is the perfect web writing skill for those who want to increase sales “now” and “zero cost”.

Why do we need microcopy?

The key to business growth is attracting customers and maximizing the customer experience.

To do this, you need the power of microcopy beyond design.

Because although 79% of visitors to a site skim through the content, only 16% read every word.

According to well-known UX research company, the Nielsen Norman Group, concise, easy-to-read microcopy has been shown to increase usability by 124%.

Customer experience on the web has a significant impact on purchasing behavior.

Take a look at the results of an Adobe survey.

・52.3% of consumers who looked up products they liked in stores on the web

・88.3% of consumers who researched products on the web after seeing them on TV or in magazines

In other words, if the web experience is poor, customers will not take action.

You might be thinking, “What difference can a few words of microcopy make?” but if you can’t improve profits by a few thousand yen, you can’t improve profits by a few hundred million yen.

It is clear that instead of doubling or tripling sales by investing in advertising, a single word microcopy improvement can be repeated four times to double sales at no cost.

Working to improve microcopy is a dynamic business strategy.

This is a quote from Kinoshita, President of Kita no Tatsujin Corporation.

One of the keys to business growth is to stay close to the customer’s perspective and make a series of small improvements in microcopy.